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So, Sky failed to convince Brian it was worth staying, so he’s packed his panniers and cycled off into the sunset* to wherever his GPS unit and Google Maps takes him.  Rather than weighing Brian down with recipes, guide books and books full of handy tips, there is Snail Pace Cycling.

This site is a combination of repository and blog.  There are pages of useful links, covering a whole range of topics, including foraging tips, campsite recommendations and one-pot recipes, all contributed by friends and family**.  There is also, if Brian feels that social media isn’t sufficient to share news, photos and general updates on where he’s been, where he might go next, and how far he’s got between punctures, the Snail Pace Cycling blog.


*technically, it was probably still be daylight, but where’s the fun in technicalities?

**If you want to contribute and don’t already have access, please click here.

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