Good Luck

Hello bike friends in the world, I’m from Brazil from the city of São Vicente in the State of SP, today I had the pleasure of finding Brian pedaling on the bike paths of Guaruja-SP and Santos-SP, we talked a bit and gave some safety tips to him , I wish good luck and have a good trip, my friend, my name is Marcelo Valentim, I am a nurse and crazy about bikes.

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  1. Ermintrude

    Hello Marcelo,
    Thank you for your contribution to Brian’s blog, I am his mother and I collate the blog for him. I am still writing about his European adventures at the moment although he is currently in Santos, Brazil, where he met you. He has asked me to say this on his behalf; “It was a pleasure to cycle a few miles with Marcello and have a chat via google translate on the ferry across to Santos” ,

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