1. Hello there,
    I´ve only just seen this when finding a bit of paper at the bottom of a handbag with the blog address. So happy to have found it at last.
    Was so good to meet Brian and hear about his adventures and even better to know he´s still going.
    I´ve read a couple of posts but intend to go back to the start and catch up.
    He writes so well, it´d be good to tweak the posts into a book at some point.I´ll definitely help him with that when he´s ready. Not that I´m an expert, but probably will be able to help him to get rolling.
    Good to connect, and please pass my regards on to Brian.
    Jackie xx

    • Ermintrude

      Hello Jackie,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Brian is still in Morocco at the moment, where his wifi connections are sporadic to say the least, but I will pass on your regards when next I speak to him.I’m sure he will want to be in touch again when he can.
      I am continuing to curate the blog, but am somewhat behind his actual journey, partly because of the difficulty of getting his notes and photos uploaded while he is out of wifi range.
      Thank you for getting in touch, Myra

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