13th March – some special “thank you”s

Brian is currently in Santos, Brazil.

As you may realise I am a long way behind in marking his travels, having only just reached Sweden where he celebrated midsummer with friends last year, but there are a couple of messages for those he has met in Brazil that need to be written before they arrive in chronological order,

One is to Marcelo who has posted here about his meeting with Brian. They were cycling together for several miles and crossed on the ferry to Santos together where they managed to converse with the aid of google translate (Brian hasn’t mastered a great deal of Portuguese, so I can only imagine the conversation!)

The other is a recommendation for Camping el shaddai massaguaca , where Brian stayed on 28th February 2018 and he says how helpful Helmo was and how good his English is. A very helpful, cycle friendly campsite.

I hope everyone continues to read along and follow Brian’s adventures with me.

Ermintrude (Myra)

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