1. Miroslav Zeithaml

    Hello Brian,
    many greeting from us close Prague. I thank you for very nice evening at the camp Jinolice. I was great to meet and sit by the fire.
    We wish you many snail miles by cycle, have a nice end of the trip.
    If you were close to us, we are looking forward to see you and have a cup of our “original czech whisky” RUM.

    Take care on the trip.

    With warmest regards

    Mirek and Vlaďka

    For next time I will improve myself in English to more enjoy time with you.

    • Ermintrude

      I have passed on your message directly to Brian, so I expect you will receive a personal reply soon.
      He is thoroughly enjoying his time in Czech Republic and meeting such lovely people as yourselves.
      Myra (Brian’s mother)

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